Friday, 10 August 2012

Nail Art: Cinnamoroll Cupcake with Nails Inc Sweets Way

After my last cookies and milk design with Sugar House Lane, I was excited to try the other colour I picked up from the Nails Inc Sprinkles collection: Sweets Way.

I already had a cupcake in mind for the design, but what else? Here's a riddle: what's blue, pink, white, and ridiculously cute?

If your answer was Cinnamoroll, you are correct!
Most of you are probably saying "Cinnamo-who?" and I don't blame you. For the curious, here's some background info.

Sweets Way has a milky white base with blue, pink, and silver glitter. I love how the milky base changes the finish of the glitter, giving it a more muted look. The formula was smooth, but the glitter spread a little unevenly on the first coat. This fixed itself on the second coat once the glitter had something to grab onto.

Left to right: Nails Inc "Sweets Way", American Apparel "American Denim", OPI "No Room for the Blues", American Apparel "Coney Island", Sally Hansen "White On"
  • nail art brush

 Tip: When outlining, don't be too worried about any mistakes. You can always go back with your colour to "erase" or fill in any gaps you might have.


Hope you liked this cute little guy! OH and look what I found:

I collected a crapload of these 3D/foam stickers when I was younger. I'm proud that I actually used some.

Thanks for reading, have yourself a good weekend!


  1. Oohhhhh that is just too adorable!!! And I love how sweet these colours go together! I can't stop smiling looking at these!! XD

    1. Hahahaa thank you!! I'm very happy to hear that xD

  2. This is just too much cuteness in one post!!!! LOVE.

  3. Eeeek! Kawaiii!! This is so cute, I love it!

  4. Hey there :)
    we (from like to pass you an award!

    It's written in German though... so sorry about that. It's very similar to the "Liebster Blog" you've just received. We love your blog anyway so that's why we awarded it with the German Version as well. If you need help with the translation, just let me know!

    Btw I did a Batman nail art lately as well! But it's not as good as yours ;)


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