Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Mixed bag

Today's post is a bit of a mixed bag with several mani's that I felt didn't need their own post, for whatever reason. But they're like my babies; I still love each one of them in their own way.

First up is another Japanese inspired pattern. Kind of. I saw these fishies on the website of a Japanese restaurant, that counts, right? The thumb better represents how the pattern should look, as the fish are too lined up on my other fingers. I think they would go well with my previous wave pattern mani. I even did an accent nail that's supposed to represent waves!
I used OPI My Boyfriend Scales Walls (finally snagged it on clearance!) as the base, the blue is Nails Inc Baker Street, and the grey is American Apparel Factory Grey.
Next up is a combination that looked super pretty in my head and it did look quite pretty in person, but it's a bit flat on camera, as you can't really see how pretty the glitter is. This is OPI My Very First Knockwurst as the base with Revlon Sparkling on top.
Last is another set of galaxy nails! These are very similar to my previous ones, except I reversed the colour scheme (purple and pinks as the main colour, blue and greens as accents), and used some different glitter. This time I used a black striper to paint my "big bang" and it worked out a lot better.
I had fun compiling these different looks together! I'll probably do this more in the future. How did you like this mix of mani's? Don't forget to enter my holiday giveaway!


  1. haha! Love the little fishes! *blub blub blub* xD so adorable! They kinda reminds me of fish biscuits too *crunchie munchies*

    Its awfully hard to capture glitters on cameras. Its such a dainty colour glitter! Love that it has a variety of big and small glitters. :D Makes manis looks prettier.

    Yet another beautiful take on galaxy nails. I like that you had some blue dots there, they really pops! And are those trails of glitters I'm seeing? Lovely!

  2. Lol aww thank you!! Ya, they remind me of little anchovies on pizza or something xD

    Yes, I was trying to make the glow of stars. The really bright blue dots are actually glitter pieces! Good eye, they are glitter trails! :D

  3. I don't know where to start to express how i love this blog, and i've seen a bunch, but this is so far the best, i guess. I overall love your style and tastes and the sources you take your inspirations from. Please tell me that you make youtube tutoral videos, and if you don't you totally should! I'd say that this is among my fave designs but I browsed the blog for 5 mins and I can't even tell which design I love the most. One think I appreciate is that you take a lot of your subjects from literature, art, and philosophy, never seen anything like that and can't wait to wear some on my nails, even tho I perfectly know I'll not be able to reproduce them. I'm new to this, and I just opened my blog to share, build a group of e-friends and take adivces and tips from more experts. I'd truely love if you and your girls would want to take part of it. For the moment, I bend forward your creativity.

    1. This is truly the nicest and hugest compliment I've ever received. I'm really, ridiculously happy to hear that you are enjoying the content here! :D I'd love to make YouTube tutorials as well, but I'll have to get a camera first!


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