Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Alice in Wonderland: Down the Rabbit Hole

"Well after this, I should think nothing of falling down stairs."

Let's all follow Alice down the rabbit hole! I chose to show a couple random things that Alice would have seen while falling that long way down. In hindsight, I would have painted some different patterns, like a patterned wallpaper maybe, but I'm pretty happy with how my stone backgrounds turned out.

Left to right: Sally Hansen "White On", "Dorien Grey", American Apparel "Factory Grey", "7th and Alameda", Sally Hansen "Black Out"
Left to right: Essie "Penny Talk", American Apparel "Rose Bowl", "Berry", "Malibu Green", Nubar "Swiss Chocolate"
I made the gradient on my thumb by painting 2-3 coats of my lightest grey, Dorien Grey (the spelling bothers me, but I still bought this for the name), and then sponging on the medium grey, Factory Grey. The stone details were made with 7th and Alameda and Factory Grey for different shades. Everything else is small detail brush work.

I'll leave links to other parts of the series at the end of my posts. I also have them all tagged under "Alice in Wonderland".

Alice in Wonderland Nail Art Series


  1. Love this! The stone bricks are awesome! I think they help create a link from one nail to another! :D

  2. More super cute nail polish I love it!! <3


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