Saturday, 30 March 2013

Paint splatter effect with nail foil

Hello friends! I come to you this Easter weekend with a tutorial I threw together kind of haphazardly, for this paint splatter mani...with nail foil! Nail foil by itself creates a really cool, metallic, minx-like effect. Basically, you apply glue to the entire nail, wait for it to dry, lay the foil on top, then press and rub with a finger or Q-tip to transfer the foil on. Sadly, the staying power is not great - top coat crinkles the foil, but without top coat, the foil rubs off too easily. With this method, you can top coat without needing to care about crinkles. It just adds to the effect.
I think paint splatter is the best way to describe these? Here's the tutorial - process shots if you will. Like I said, haphazardly.

That's it! I know this kind of tutorial would be better served with a video, but feel free to ask if anything is unclear. I purchased my nail foils here at Dollar Nail Art. The foil comes in 5ft rolls so you can get a lot of manicures out of one. There are a lot of other cool patterns and effects (much more than when I first purchased), so definitely worth checking out! See ya!

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