Thursday, 6 September 2012

Nail Art: Calvin and Hobbes

Hello friends, long time no see. I've been pretty busy for the past week, hence the lack of posting, but I happily had time to sit down yesterday and paint something.

I've been wanting to do Calvin and Hobbes themed nails for a while now. I bought several Calvin and Hobbes comic books at an amazingly inexpensive bookstore in Toronto, and they quickly became my favourite thing to read for a quick pick-me-up. Makes me think how much less boring it would be being an adult if I just had a stuffed tiger.

The hard part was making a design that would show their friendship; something the comics express so plainly. I settled on this simple design with a simple message in mind: where some may see a stuffed tiger, Calvin sees his best friend.

Left to right: Illamasqua "Nomad", Zoya "Arizona", Sally Hansen "White On" and "Black Out", Folk Art acrylic paint #949 "Skintone" and #509 "Sunny Yellow"

I love how these turned out and I get happy when I look down at my fingers. These are probably not the last Calvin and Hobbes themed nails from me. Hoped you enjoyed this! 


  1. Woohoo!! Calvin and Hobbes!!! One of my favourites to read as well! So glad you attempted this. I can see why you feel that way, even I too would just smile seeing these on my nails. Haha!! They are such a good pair! The artist made Hobbes so lively that sometimes I'd forget Hobbes is actually a stuffed animal. And Calvin always have fun imaginations ! :D

    1. Ahaha thank you, I'm happy you liked this! I like to believe that Hobbes is actually real, but only Calvin can see his real form xD I totally agree, you can't help but be carried away along with Calvin's imagination haha!

  2. Adorable!!! Hobbes is so cute <333 You always come up with the BEST designs <3


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