Monday, 23 July 2012

Essie Mirror Metallics: Blue Rhapsody and Penny Talk Swatches & Review (with a little nail art)

I used to think metallic finishes were totally not my thing (hence the lack of them in my collection), but when I saw the promo pics for the Essie: Mirror Metallics Collection, I thought,  well, maybe they can be my thing after all.

Went out to my local Trade Secrets and picked up two of my favourites from the collection. Blue Rhapsody and Penny Talk.

The thing with metallics is, they show every bump and ridge on your nail. Either use a ridge filling base coat, or just skip it altogether if you already have smooth nails. The formula can be a little tricky to work. It's smooth, but also drags quite easily, so keep brushstrokes to a minimum. The colours themselves are amazingly reflective, and it is just like having brushed metal on your nails. Full opacity in just one coat, and I recommend to keep it at one, since the more coats, the easier for bumps to show.     

 Blue Rhapsody is a silvery, light metallic blue. Very cool colour.

Penny Talk a coppery rose gold. It has the perfect mix of both pink and gold that I think would be universally flattering on any skin tone.

I love it with some black Chevron tips to break up some of the shininess.

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